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What will humans do in the next year to move us through the current time of crisis, and beyond into what will be?  In the next five years?  One of our options is to bring together the wisdom of elder generations and the spark and urgency of the youngest generations to weave a fabric for the future that is strong with ingenuity, cooperation, and reciprocity.

The first step in any process, whether putting food up for the winter, or developing massive social change, is to gather.  Gathering together to speak about the connection between women’s lives and environmental crisis, about social catastrophe and climate change, about contaminated water supplies and corporate profits is where we begin.  We begin to pull threads of connection closer together, threads that we have been led to see as unrelated.  Where and how do feminism and environmental sustainability come together?  Human rights and global warming?  Environmental justice and immigration rights?

On Friday, October 23, 2009, Earth Democracy: Women, Justice, and Ecology will bring together students, faculty, activists, community organizers and the general public to explore these issues.   The event will feature an evening with world-renowned author, ecologist and quantum physicist Dr. Vandana Shiva, at 7pm in the LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University. In addition, a full schedule of speakers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines will present their perspectives on environmental justice, specifically as it pertains to women’s lives. Please join us.  To see the full schedule of events, click here.


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